Anup Shah, MD

Resident Physician at Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Shah is an engineer and physician with an interest in medical device design. His clinical expertise is in urologic surgery (prostate cancer, renal cancers, BPH and stone disease) and his prior engineering experience includes mechanical engineering in the reliability division at Apple (Cupertino, CA) on the iPhone 4 team. He is an inventor of the Rapid Suture medical device (laparoscopic port closure) and Urethrazor medical device under development for urethral strictures. Dr. Shah holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a Medical degree from the University of Chicago. 


Maxx Caveney, MD

Resident Physician at Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Caveney is a physician with a proclivity toward process improvement in clinical and surgical techniques. He has taken a leadership role in optimizing utilization of electronic medical records for fellow physicians and strives to streamline clinical workflows. His clinical expertise is in urologic surgery. He draws on a formal education with a BS in Exercise Physiology from the California State University, Chico. Dr. Caveney holds a Medical degree from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. 


Javier Aguirre, 3D-Standard

Javier is equipped with a deep understanding of engineering with specializations in materials science and computer aided design. Prior to joining 3D-Standard, Javier drafted and implemented various designs for transportation infrastructure in the Oil and Gas industry. With this knowledge and experience, Javier is able to provide unique designs to fulfill the needs of our clients. Javier holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.